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Incredible Effects of Joy on Your Body that Make You Healthy

July 11, 2018


Have you ever thought why you love happiness so much and try to run away from sorrow? These are just two emotions we have in our mind. But wait! Are you sure you have these feelings only in our mind? Earth’s Wisdom today wants to throw light on the fact that joy is not only in our mind but in our body too! Scientifically speaking, joy is felt in our neurotransmitters, tiny chemical messenger cells that spread signals from nerves (neurons) to bodily cells. Here are amazing effects of joy on our body and why you should keep yourself happy always.

Benefits of Joy

  • Makes lifestyle healthier
  • Fights pain and stress
  • Boosts immune system
  • Promotes longevity

Effects of Joy on Your Brain

Your brain affects every emotion you feel and vice versa. Brain releases two neurotransmitters, viz. dopamine and serotonin, which make us feel the joy in our body. These chemicals have a strong relation with joy. (People with depression typically have declined levels of serotonin).

Thus when you ‘feel’ that something good is happening, your brain gets signal to secrete these two chemicals in your central nervous system that is made of your brain and spinal cord. Next, other bodily systems get reactions.

Circulatory System

Have you paid attention to your heart which pounds or your face which flushes when you feel happy? Psychiatrists explain that effects of joy are seen on your circulatory system in the form of butterflies in your stomach, flushing of face, and rise in the temperature of your fingers. Heart, blood vessels and veins, and blood and lymph are the parts of your circulatory system.

But joy is not the only feeling that affects this system. All other emotions like sadness, fear etc. can also have an effect on it.

Autonomic Nervous System

All the bodily functions, such as digestion, breathing and even pupil’s dilation, that are not in your conscious control are under the control of your autonomic nervous system. This system too is affected by joy and happiness.

E.g. you may breathe faster while doing something fun (such as coming speedily down a slide) or slower while experiencing something relaxing (such as listening to serene pleasurable music).

Other effects on autonomic nervous system due to joy include sweating, temperature, salivation and metabolism as well.

Any kind of emotional stimulation can affect your smooth muscles too that are present in the walls of our hollow organs, such as stomach, bladder and intestine. So you can understand why your appetite increases or reduces when you feel happy.

Emotion or Bodily Response – Which One is First?

This is hard to find because emotions and physiology are inseparably connected. The moment something joyful occurs, our mental and physical response starts right away at the same time.

And it’s not a matter to worry about if you experience a different sensation than others when you feel happy, as everyone’s reactions to joy differ; some may want to jump with joy while some may cry due to happiness.

Can You Trick Your Body to Feel Happy?

Yes, you can and with just a simple act of smiling. A smile can deceive your brain by reducing your stress and heart rate, and elevating your mood. Another excellent way to enhance your emotional state is to use your physiology, in the form of exercise, dance, etc.

You’ll be surprised to see that even if you are not feeling like exercising due to a down feeling, exercising will make you feel better and elevate your mood by secreting feel good chemicals like endorphins that enhance your feeling of well-being. Exercise also diverts your mind off negative thoughts and worries that promote anxiety and depression.

All in all, feeling happy will make you healthy too and you can feel happy by exercising, walking in nature, kissing a loved one, petting a cat or dog, and of course, smiling, though forcibly! So, feel joy and enjoy health!



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