Alpha Brain Waves and Their Importance

Alpha Brain Waves and Their Importance

November 05, 2019

Your brain is one of the most important organs of your body. Do you know that its functioning involves electricity? Yes, it’s a fact that brain cells, known as neurons, communicate with each other using electricity.

An electrical signal sent by a group of neurons to another group of neurons is known as a brain wave. The reason for this is that a computer-generated EEG (electroencephalogram) test used to detect and measure your brain’s electrical activity is seen in the form of a wave.

Depending on their speeds, brain waves fall into five basic types from very slow to very fast. Alpha waves are the waves that are just in the middle of this range. These waves are produced by your brain when you’re awake but not actually focusing on any one thing.

Earth’s Wisdom today wants to make readers learn more about alpha brain waves, their function and importance compared to other brain waves.

Alpha Brain Waves – What are They?

After a good night’s sleep when you wake up in the morning, your brain might be relaxed. You may perhaps turn off your alarm, stretch and warm up your muscles, but you’re not providing your brain a lot of information and asking it to solve big problems. The waves produced by your brain at this point are alpha waves. They indicate that you are in a state of disturbed rest.

The production of brain waves can also be increased when you stop concentrating or focusing on a task and just try to relax.

Some interesting findings of a 2009 study are that your brain’s production of alpha waves increases in its posterior part when you meditate. While you meditate, your brain is not completely at rest, but it’s not even dealing with anything big that needs focus.

Difference between Alpha Waves and Other Brain Waves

Brain waves are measured by frequency, i.e. hertz (Hz) or cycles per second. These range from very slow to very fast. Alpha waves are in the middle of the range, i.e. between theta and beta waves.

Here are the five common types of brain waves that your brain produces.


Delta waves are the slowest (0.5 to 4 Hz) type of brainwaves that are produced when you are in a deep, dreamless, undisturbed sleep.


Theta waves are from 4 to 8 Hz and may be produced when you sleep more lightly or are extremely relaxed.


Alpha waves measure between 8 and 12 Hz and are produced when you’re not concentrating too hard on any particular topic. You’re generally calm and relaxed while doing whatever.


Beta waves are produced when you’re wide awake, focused and alert and are doing activities regarding daily living and make decisions. These are high-speed waves measuring from 12 to 35 Hz.


Gamma are the fastest brain waves i.e. upward of 35 Hz and are produced when you are learning, processing information, focusing and solving problems.

Benefits of Alpha Waves

From the above descriptions, all types of brainwaves may seem important. Then why are alpha waves so important? It’s because they are produced when you take up activities like rest and meditation that can lessen your stress and help you calm down.

By an increased production of alpha waves, you can get some rest and relaxation.

Increasing your alpha waves may also boost up your creativity levels.

Can Alpha Wave Production be Increased?

Yes, a study has suggested that alpha wave production can be increased by neurofeedback which is a kind of biofeedback. Another study has suggested that meditation and training of mindfulness could also increase alpha wave production.

Trying to increase alpha wave production can be beneficial in terms of making you calm, relaxed and less anxious, and even more creative.

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