COVID-19 Response

covid-19 response virus cells

There is no question that we live in trying times that require proper Covid-19 response. Here at Earth's Wisdom, our focus is supporting our wonderful customers with knowledge and supplements they need to keep their immune system in impeccable shape. 

Health experts continue to emphasize a strong immunity, therefore we will be keeping our store open to give our customers access to products that do just that. We believe we have a unique responsibility to continue to deliver essential immune health solutions to virtually everyone. 

We are closely monitoring the situation and want to assure you that the quality of our products has not been affected by what is going on. We work tirelessly to continue to provide natural supplements you can trust. We recently rolled out mandatory face coverings and maintaining social distancing at our laboratories, and will continue to provide educational content to help you learn better ways to improve your lifestyle while spending more time at home. 

Because we value and care for not only our customer’s but our employees’ health and safety, we have increased the frequency of our cleaning and maintenance procedures according to CDC's best practices. 

We want you to know that Earth's Wisdom is here for you. We hope you take the time to focus on what’s important and together we can find new ways to support each other and look into a brighter future. Thank you for your patronage, patience, and understanding. 

Prevention is the key, and because the virus' lipid membrane gets destroyed by soap please remember to wash your hands often and follow guidelines set by experts at CDC. More info on prevention techniques HERE.


To Your Abundance of Health,

The Earth's Wisdom Family


washing hands with soap as covid-19 response