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Why to Use an Infrared Sauna Instead Of a Traditional Sauna?

June 08, 2018


If you’ve ever had a sauna, you’ll agree that it’s quite relaxing and restful. The heat it offers you helps relax your sore muscles and thereby you feel great. However, a traditional sauna may create such a high temperature that not all people can handle easily. That’s why Earth’s Wisdom has brought you the information of infrared sauna which can be an amazing alternative for a traditional sauna offering all its health benefits without the extreme heat.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

The main difference between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna is that the latter doesn’t heat the air around you unlike the former. It uses infrared lamps that make use of electromagnetic radiation and directly warm your body.

As explained by a physical therapist, infrared saunas make use of infrared panels rather than conventional heat to penetrate tissues thereby easily heating up the person’s body before heating the surrounding air.

Thus, an infrared sauna can work at a lower temperature (typically from 120°F to 140°F) than a traditional sauna which works often from 150°F to 180°F.

As claimed by manufacturers of infrared saunas, only around 20% of the heat is used up to heat the surrounding air and the rest 80% heats your body directly.

Admirers of infrared saunas claim that heat of these saunas penetrates more deeply in the body than heated air. This offers you the experience of a more intense sweat at a lower temperature.

As per the physical therapist, the environment of infrared sauna is more tolerable and allows the user to stay inside the sauna for longer while increasing your core body heat by two to three degrees.

Supposed Advantages of Infrared Sauna

The supposed advantages of an infrared sauna are the same as that of a traditional sauna and include:

  • Relaxation
  • Relief from sore muscles
  • Improved circulation
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Better sleep
  • Help in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Clear and firmer skin

Saunas are being used by people since centuries for all types of health conditions. Traditional saunas have been studied and researched for several years for their health benefits; but infrared saunas haven’t been yet studied and researched much. But there are a few studies available.

  • A small study conducted on 10 persons showed that chronic fatigue syndrome patients were benefited from infrared sauna as a part of their overall treatment.
  • Another study again conducted on 10 persons showed that infrared saunas helped reduce muscle soreness and increase speed of recovery from strength-training sessions.
  • A review has reported that many studies have shown that infrared light saunas may help decrease blood pressure.

Using an Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna can be taken at health clubs, spas or doctors’ offices and also, you can build one in your home. However, you should remember that all the infrared saunas don’t come with common instructions. Here are some tips.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink adequate (a glassful) water before going inside an infrared sauna. You can even take water inside the sauna, particularly if you are sensitive to extreme heat.

Choose the Right Temperature

Typically the temperature inside an infrared sauna ranges between 100°F and 150°F. Beginners can choose the lowest temperature while experienced users can choose the higher one. Thus if you are just starting, choose 100°F and continue with it for a few sessions. Then you can increase the temperature at every session till you reach 150°F.


Beginners can start with 10 to 15 minutes duration and go on adding time at every session till you reach 20 to 30 minutes. Saunas feature a timer; make sure you use it. Staying inside the sauna for too long may make you dehydrated.


It’s up to you if to go inside the sauna in a bathing suit or even naked.

So, if you were shying away from sauna due to its heat, now you can enjoy its health benefits from the infrared sauna. Get the sauna and enjoy health.




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