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Top 6 Tricks to Smell Good All Day Long

July 02, 2019


The idea of smelling good may vary from person to person. For some, it may refer to smelling like a perfume and for some others, it may refer to be odor-free even after a long hectic working day. Whether you wish to smell good or just odor-free, Earth’s Wisdom has some tips for you on how to achieve that.

1. How to Make Your Perfume Last?

It’s not necessary to apply a lot of perfume to smell good for longer. Even a little perfume can do the job, if you apply it properly.

Spritz the Scent on a Hairbrush

A good idea to make your fragrance last all through the day is to spray your hairbrush with the perfume before brushing your hair.

Apply Perfume on Pulse Points

Perfumes become more intense when activated by body heat and our pulse points being near the surface of skin, emit heat that can quickly mix with the perfume. The pulse points are located behind ears, inner sides of wrists and elbows, bottom of throat and behind knees.

Use a Roll-on Spray

A roll-on perfume is an amazing way to have the scent exactly where it should be without over-spraying. It’s also more affordable than a bottled perfume.

2. Use Scented Creams or Lotions to Moisturize Your Skin

Use a scented moisturizing cream, lotion or oil right after shower after patting off extra water. Any scented product including lotions and creams will last longer when applied on moist skin.

If you need a little more fragrance, choose creams or lotions manufactured by your perfume brand and layer it with the associated perfume, shower gel, cologne or shaving cream.

3. Access the Right Points

Your body’s scent is largely related to hygiene, but genetics as well as what you eat can also affect the way you smell.

You are helpless about genetics. You also might not wish to cut down on many of the foods that can lead to an odor, such as fish, garlic or broccoli, because they are so tasty and healthy too. However, keeping hygiene is in your control.

The frequency of shower depends on your activity level, skin type and preference. But shower at least once a day. But if you can’t, don’t want or don’t need, opt for a sponge bath. If you want a quick cleanse, concentrate on body parts that have most sweat glands. These include:

  • Armpits
  • Butt
  • Groin

4. Make Hair Smell Good All Day

The American Academy of Dermatology suggests concentrating the shampoo on your scalp first to make it really clean and then move on to your hair.

A good wash is the one which removes oil and dirt from your scalp. If you don’t take a good wash, your head may keep smelling less than shampoo-fresh.

5. When You don’t Prefer Scented Products

A clean, gentle scent of a body wash, shower gel or soap offers a hint of fragrance. But unscented soaps and body washes too do the trick. Spending a little extra time in the shower after you lather up is all you have to do for all-day freshness. Prefer giving a thorough rinse to all the points which sweat the most, like armpit, butt, groin and feet too.

6. Let Your Clothes Smell Good

If your clothes are smelling fresh, you will smell good and feel fresh too. Here are a few tricks:

  • Place dried lavender in your closet
  • Use a laundry booster such as baking soda or borax dissolved in water
  • Consider using a fabric deodorizer
  • Place tissue paper or cotton balls sprayed with your favorite perfume in your closet
  • Add 10-20 drops of an essential oil to your laundry

Do these simple tricks and you can enjoy a fresh fragrance lingering around you.

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