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Foods to Avoid/Consume to Keep Your Mood Elevated

November 23, 2016


Happy Holidays! We hope you are having a great time preparing for the holidays. It’s great fun with friends and family coming home, eating and drinking together, dancing, chatting and laughing! However, we at EARTH’s WISDOM would like to share with you some information about foods with which you may be surprised. Do you know that there are some foods that can make you sad, depressed, irritated and stressed up? And of course, there are also some other foods that can elevate your mood!

We are excited to share our new discoveries with you and will be delighted if those of you suffering from depression, anxiety, nervousness, stress can be benefited from this.

Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Mood Elevated

Refined Sugar

Sorry, sugar-lovers! But you will have to extract your sweet tooth if you want to be happy. You won’t have to be that upset though; you have many other healthy alternatives like sweet fruits, dates and honey.

So, now turning to sugar, excess sugar consumption fluctuates blood sugar levels which in turn bring about mood swings. But this is only a superficial picture. Actually refined sugar can cause a toxic effect to your mental health by:

  • Causing leptin and insulin resistance
  • Suppressing activity of BDNF which is important for the health of your brain neurons
  • Triggering chemical reactions in the body and thus promoting chronic inflammation


The very infamous gluten not only causes celiac disease but also mood swings, by affecting brain health negatively! A number of studies have shown that wheat (in which gluten occurs primarily) can cause a harmful effect to mood, causing depression and even schizophrenia. The reason for this is supposed to be that wheat stops serotonin production.

Processed Food

Endless number of processed foods can be detrimental for your mood. Apart from refined sugar and gluten, these include trans fats, MSG (monosodium glutamate), artificial colors and sweeteners and other chemical and synthetic ingredients and are responsible for our poor mood and irritability.

Foods to Consume to Keep Your Mood Elevated

Are there any foods that can elevate our mood? Yes, of course! Actually, nature has created a lot of food items around us to keep us healthy, physically and mentally.


Protein, one of the basic food components, is useful to balance another component, sugar in blood, and thereby keeps your mood elevated. You can have protein in the form of a fistful of almonds, organic eggs or a piece of Gouda cheese.



You know that bananas are full of penicillin; but you may not know that they’re full of dopamine, a mood-boosting chemical, too. Plus, they have vitamin B6 which relaxes our nervous system. They also contain magnesium which elevates mood. But people with insulin/leptin resistance should carefully eat bananas.


Blue and Black Berries

Berries get their blue or black color because of pigments named anthocyanins which are potent antioxidants that help brain to produce dopamine, the mood-enhancing chemical.


Curcumin that gives turmeric its yellow color has a lot of medicinal effects including neuroprotective properties which enhance mood.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and many other fish, are potent antidepressants as proved by various studies.

We are sure, many of you have found relieving answers to their questions regarding poor mood, depression, gloominess and anxiety. Start the right eating habits and you can enjoy a truly merry Holidays!


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