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Face Steaming – Incredible Benefits and Various Techniques

July 18, 2018


Women are more conscious about skin and always looking for something that can make their skin look wonderful. But everyone can’t afford the expensive salon treatments frequently. However, there is a great treatment that can be done at home and without breaking the bank! It’s face steaming. Earth’s Wisdom today wants to describe this simple yet effective skincare treatment to readers.

Benefits of Steaming

Improved Circulation

The heat of the steam causes dilation of blood vessels in the facial skin and circulation there is improved. The increased blood supply brings oxygen and nourishment to the skin and thereby offers it a healthy glow.


Your skin pores are opened due to steam and any buildup of dirt in them is loosened whereby the skin is cleansed to a deep level.

Hydration of Skin

Skin hydrates skin and naturally moisturizes it.

Release of Trapped Sebum

Sebum is your skin’s natural oil which may remain trapped beneath the skin’s surface and form a breeding ground for bacteria causing blackheads and acne. Steaming releases this skin oil and then it can do its job properly of lubricating skin and hair.

Eliminates Acne-causing Bacteria and Other Factors

Since skin pores are opened due to steam, acne-causing bacteria, dead skin cells and other causative factors of acne are released.

Various Techniques of Steaming

Steaming can be done in various ways so that you can choose the technique which is the most suitable and comfortable for you.

Over a Bowl of Hot Water

Choose a quiet and comfortable spot with a table and chair. Tie your hair securely with a clip and bobby pins so that it shouldn’t drop when you bend over the hot water bowl. Keep a big towel at hand to cover yourself while taking the steam. Boil a sizable amount of water in a pot and pour it in a bowl. You can even add herbs of your choice to this water. Keep the bowl on the table. If you want to use essential oils, you can add them to the water now. Bend over the bowl to take your face as close to the water as possible and cover yourself from all sides with the towel. If you feel suffocated, lift a corner of the towel and take a fresh breath in. Continue till the water cools down and stops steaming.

With a Warm Towel

Tie hair and cleanse your face and neck with a gentle cleanser. Boil the water or collect hot water from the tap in a bowl. Add herbs if you want. Soak a towel in the water; squeeze it to remove extra water. Lie down and cover your face completely with the towel. Relax till the towel cools down.

With a Home Facial Steamer

Fill up your home facial steamer as per the instructions given on it. Place it on the table near an electric outlet so that you can easily plug it in. Tie your hair. Take a seat near the steamer so as to be comfortable. Switch it on; it will take a few minutes to start releasing steam. Steam for 2-3 minutes and take a break of 1 minute to check how your skin reacts.

Note that facial steamers provide a more powerful steam than other techniques.


Adding herbs and oils to the steaming water can offer additional benefits. Some beneficial herbs include:

Rosemary: Good for oily skin

Chamomile: Helps with skin inflammation as well as dermatitis and is good for most skins, including sensitive skin.


Geranium: Natural astringent and tones and tightens the skin

Lavender: Great for dry skin and eczema and offers aromatherapy benefits through relaxation

Orange: Offers aromatherapy benefits and helps with clogged pores and dull skin

Eucalyptus: Helps sinus congestion and acne

Steaming is an extremely effective yet affordable way of making your skin healthy and glowing. You have to do it just once a week to get the best results. Just check with your doctor if you have a skin inflammation and then you may be ready to go!

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