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7 Proven Ways to Overcome Laziness

7 Proven Ways to Overcome Laziness

May 10, 2019

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If you sometimes feel like doing nothing, you need not worry because even the most industrious people sometimes feel so and actually it’s required.

However, if you get the feeling of laziness too often and keep many of your chores pending, it could be a sign of something wrong.

There are many reasons behind this lazy feeling including a scary to-do list, a lack of interest in your job and even a medical condition.

Earth’s Wisdom today wants to suggest solutions for overcoming the lazy feeling and getting things done on time.

1. Avoid Emphasizing on Perfection

Due to more competitive environments, there is an increase in perfectionism is past some years. Due to this, unrealistic expectations are also increasing. Parents too are becoming more controlling and anxious than past generations.

Due to the rise in perfectionism, people are becoming excessively critical of themselves and others and there is a rise in anxiety and depression.

There’s no doubt that you should do your work correctly. But expecting yourself to be overly perfect can let you avoid the work altogether in the long run. So, don’t overemphasize on perfectionism.

2. Be Practical

If you know you cannot do certain work within a certain time, you should become practical and set a realistic goal. Taking on too much can cause burnout which doesn’t have an actual clinical diagnosis but definite symptoms identified by medical professionals like loss of motivation and interest, exhaustion and a wish to escape.

Set smaller goals which you know you can achieve so that you will feel confident and more motivated.

3. Think on Your Strengths

Instead of becoming depressed with a thought that you are lazy, think on your strong points, and use them to set goals. Try to use your strengths for various aspects of a task to help you complete it. According to research, focusing on strengths improves productivity, engagement in work and positive feelings.

4. Plan Things

If you find a certain task difficult, think on how you can do it and plan accordingly. Once you start thinking on this, you’ll find that it’s actually easy, at least not impossible. Remember to be practical about the time you’ll take, effort you’ll need to put in and other similar factors. A plan will help you get a direction, confidence and motivation to do the task.

5. Positive Self-Talk

Thinking that you are lazy is a kind of negative self-talk. You should stop the negative internal voice and instead start the positive one. Tell yourself that you have all the ability to do a certain thing and that you are perfectly industrious and will do it.

6. Seek Help

Don’t do the mistake of assuming that asking for help is your weakness. Not seeking help could lead you towards failure. A study found that people who didn’t ask colleagues for help tend to be dissatisfied with their work and had lower performance levels. Seeking help enhances your chances of success and helps you connect with people who can motivate and encourage you.

7. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Making a few healthy changes in your life may also help you become more motivated and focused. Here are a few:

  • Eat high-protein foods such as eggs, almonds, tuna and Greek yogurt because they keep your blood sugar stable and increase your energy making you less likely to feel lazy
  • Cut down on high-fat and sugary foods such as white bread, pasta, alcohol, fried foods and fast foods because they drain your energy, are slow to digest and lead to blood sugar spikes
  • Exercise regularly because it’s a definite way to discard laziness. Just a few minutes of exercise can reduce your stress, anxiety and depression, increase your energy levels and improve mood, and thus avoid everything that can drain and demotivate you
  • Take a good night sleep for 7 to 9 hours due to which you’ll feel refreshed
  • Consult your doctor to check if a medical condition is making you feel lazy. These conditions include anemia, low blood sugar, thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Eliminate the root causes of your laziness and you can live more energetically and happily!

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