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6 Wonderful Health Benefits of Cherry Juice

6 Wonderful Health Benefits of Cherry Juice

October 24, 2018

cherry juice and fruit in glass

You may drink cherry juice because you may love its refreshing taste and superb coloration. But do you know that while drinking a glassful of cherry juice, you are providing amazing health benefits to your body? Yes, whether you know it or don’t, you are doing a favor to your body by drinking this intensely red beverage and you should continue doing so. Today, Earth’s Wisdom wants to make you aware (if you aren’t) of why you should always include cherry juice in your diet.

As such, there is a wide variety of cherry juice available out in the market. But you should find the one that is purest of cherry juice with no additives like sweeteners. You should better stay away from cherry juice “cocktails” because they typically contain sugar as well as preservatives.

“From Concentrate” and “Not From Concentrate”

You will also find two options in the juice – one is “from concentrate” and the other is “not from concentrate”. You don’t need to be daunted because both are nutritionally the same.

“From concentrate” is the juice made by squeezing cherries and then filtering the juice to extract water, rehydrate and then package, whereas “not from concentrate” is the fresh juice poured directly into bottles.

Various Types of Cherries

There is also a difference in cherries that are used to extract the juice. If cherries are tart, juice is sour to taste and contains a higher quantity of anthocyanins than that in black cherry juice, which is sweeter to taste but has low amount of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are useful for triggering anti-inflammatory activities in the body.

Let’s now see the health benefits of cherry juice.

1. Boosts Immunity

Similar to all fruits and vegetables, cherries are also tiny packs full of antioxidants and antiviral properties. Flavonoids are a type of antioxidant in this juice and are produced by plants to protect themselves from infection. According to research, these compounds can significantly boost our immune system.

2. Reduces Pain and Inflammation in Osteoarthritis

Studies show that tart cherry juice contains antioxidants that reduce pain and inflammation in osteoarthritis. As per a 2012 study, people with OA drinking cherry juice two times a day for 21 days experienced a reduction in their pain. Their blood tests proved that there was a significant reduction in inflammation as well.

3. Inhibits Cancerous Growth

In a research conducted in 2003, cherry juice was pitted against the NSAID sulindac, the most commonly used preventive anti-inflammatory medication for colon tumors. Though it was an animal study, it’s important to note that cherry juice, unlike sulindac, inhibited the growth of cancerous cells.

4. Helpful in Recovery after Exercise

Exercise is beneficial to our body but when your body can recover from the wear and tear resulting from it. Cherry juice which is packed with potassium helps in the post-exercise recovery.

Potassium produces electrical impulses all through the body. It also helps in muscle recovery, heart rate and pH balance, digestion, hydration and maintaining blood pressure.

5. Better Sleep

As per a small 2010 study, the anti-inflammatory properties of cherry juice when added with a dash of sleep-regulating melatonin, may improve your sleep.

6. Metabolism Regulation and Fat Reduction

Some animal studies have shown that tart cherries can balance body’s metabolism and ability to shed abdominal body fat. A study has shown that anthocyanins, a kind of flavonoid that offer the red color to cherries, fights obesity. As per one more study conducted on rats, tart cherries can help reduce abdominal fat and inflammation and also reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.

If you regularly drink the refreshing cherry juice, never stop drinking it and if you don’t regularly drink it, start it right now so as to get the wonderful health benefits.





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