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6 Useful Tips for Men to Stay Healthy

6 Useful Tips for Men to Stay Healthy

July 08, 2020

6 Useful Tips for Men to Stay Healthy

Men are typically considered strong, i.e. stronger than women, as they have strong muscles and they don’t easily collapse in emotional situations. However, men too are vulnerable to various health conditions and should be always alert about their health. Earth’s Wisdom today wants to share a few useful tips for men’s health.

1. Schedule Yearly Checkups with Your Doctor

As mentioned earlier, men can fall prey to various diseases anytime, just like women. Hence they should schedule a yearly check with their doctor and should keep those appointments.

During the appointment, your doctor will mainly check your blood pressure, weight and blood cholesterol because excess weight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels in blood are major risk factors for heart disease. If you’re detected having them, your doctor can suggest you lifestyle changes, certain medications and other treatments so as to help you bring your weight, blood pressure and blood cholesterol to a healthy level.

2. Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Not only men, but everyone should have a healthy lifestyle, which consists of regular exercise, eating a natural and balanced diet, and no smoking, drugging or overindulging in alcohol. Having lean muscles, no extra fat and no toxins in the body are main signs of health and they can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle.

Always eat natural fresh fruits, vegetables and sprouts, seeds and nuts, whole grain foods, oily fish and lean meat. Keep yourself well-hydrated with plain water. Avoid processed, fried and sugary foods, and carbonated drinks. Quit smoking and drugging. Limit your alcohol intake. Rest well. Exercise regularly.

3. Take Health Supplements

You can get all the nutrition through your food. However, sometimes either the nutrients are lacking or in low amount in certain foods or they may not be well-absorbed by your body. For example, calcium cannot be absorbed in the body without vitamin D3 and you may not always get early morning sunlight in the right amount to allow your skin to produce this vitamin. In such a scenario, it’s a good idea to take a multi-vitamin supplement to supply body with all the important vitamins and minerals.

Earth’s Wisdom has formulated a great multi-vitamin supplement named Multi4Men. It contains all important vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, Biotin, Calcium, Zinc and more.

All these nutrients are important for men’s health for healthy skin, bones and hair, and for strengthening immune system. They also help men to meet their energy needs and keep body active for the day-to-day life.

Multi4Men absolutely lacks in GMOs, chemicals, artificial ingredients, preservatives, color additives or binders, thus, totally devoid of adverse effects.

Include such a supplement in your daily diet and ensure good health. 

4. Protect Your Skin

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, men older than 50 years have a higher risk of developing melanoma, one of the deadliest skin cancers.

You should protect your skin from this cancer or other types of skin cancer by protecting it from the harmful UV rays of the sun with the help of sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, hat or umbrella, and protective clothing, and spending more time in the shade. Once a year, visit a dermatologist for a full-body skin checkup.

5. Ensure Your Prostate is Healthy

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in American men after skin cancer. If you experience pain or any other trouble while urinating or blood in urine, visit your doctor. Your doctor may suggest you to do blood tests or a prostate exam to check if it’s prostate cancer.

6. Check for Colon Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, colon cancer is the second chief cause of cancer deaths in the USA. It’s therefore important to do checkup for colorectal cancer too, especially around or after 50. You may be suggested a colonoscopy to check if your colon has any cancerous growths or polyps, a non-cancerous growth. Although polyps are not cancerous in the beginning, they may develop into cancer later.

Take care of your health with these tips and you’ll increase your chances to stay fit and live longer.


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