6 Incredible Health Benefits You can Have by Reading Books

6 Incredible Health Benefits You can Have by Reading Books

October 23, 2019

You may or may not be fond of reading books; but we are sure that you may not know that reading books is good for health. But it’s a scientific fact that reading books actually benefits your physical as well as mental health, and even better is the fact that these benefits can last lifelong. Earth’s Wisdom today wants to share the health benefits of reading books, reading which our readers may want to develop a hobby of reading.

1. Reading Books May Make Your Brain Strong

An increasing number of studies show that reading factually changes your mind. With the help of MRI scans, scientists have ensured that a complex system of signals and circuits in the brain gets activated during reading. As your reading skills get strengthened over time, these systems too get more sophisticated and stronger.

In a 2013 study, it was seen through the MRI scans that as tension created in the story read by participants, increasing number of areas of the brain got lit up with activity. The scans revealed that all through the reading period and even for days after that, connectivity in brain increased, particularly in the somatosensory cortex, a portion of the brain that reacts to physical sensations like pain and movement.

2. Reading Reduces Stress

A team of researchers measured the effects of reading, yoga and humor in 2009 on the amounts of stress in students in the United States health science programs.

It was found in the study that 30 minutes of reading reduced heart rate, blood pressure and feelings of mental distress just as much as that by yoga and humor.

It was concluded by the authors that because time restrictions are one of the reasons that are thought to be the most commonly responsible factor for high stress levels mentioned by health science students, one of these activities can be easily involved in their schedule for only 30 minutes i.e. without having to divert a lot of time from their studies.

3. Reading Helps Avoid Age-related Cognitive Deterioration

Reading books and magazines is recommended by the National Institute on Aging because it keeps your mind engrossed as you grow older.

While it has not been proved by research that reading books fights diseases such as Alzheimer’s, research shows that elders who read and solve math problems daily get their cognitive functioning maintained and even improved.

Also, the earlier you begin, the better. It was found in a Rush University Medical Center study conducted in 2013 that people who’ve been engaged in reading and similar activities all through their lives were at lower risk of developing lesions, plaques and tau-protein tangles that develop in the brains of dementia patients.

4. Makes You Ready for a Good Night’s Sleep

Doctors recommend making reading as a part of sleep routine.

According to them, the best results can be obtained by choosing a print book instead of reading on a screen, because light from your gadget could keep you awake and cause other undesired health problems.

5. Helps Reduce Depression Symptoms

Depression patients usually feel secluded and separated from others. Reading books can sometimes reduce this feeling.

Reading a fiction can enable you to momentarily evade your own world and become involved in the imaginary experiences of the characters.

On the other hand, self-help books contain notifications that can teach you strategies that may help you reduce symptoms.

6. May Help Extend Your Life

A study conducted on a unit of 3,635 people for a prolonged period of 12 years found that the participants who read books survived at least 2 years longer than those who either didn’t read or read magazines and other types of media. It was also concluded by the study that people who read for more than 3 ½ hours per week had 23% higher chances to live longer than people who didn’t read at all.

So, it’s time for reading enthusiasts to rejoice and those who don’t read, are you ready to start reading?



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