5 hormones that have a big effect on your health

5 hormones that have a big effect on your health

January 02, 2018

The human body is very complex, and it’s full of important hormones that can help regulate your metabolism. But some hormones are so powerful that they can easily turn your life around without any problem. And that’s exactly the power that these 5 hormones presented here can offer at any given time.


Not a lot of people know the Cortisol hormone, even if it’s very important. This hormone controls the energy levels during times of stress. This can be stress from any origin. When we are very stressed, our body will break down proteins, and it will start delivering glucose to the system. This energy boost is designed to help us recover or step away from danger. The same Cortisol spikes will be felt during intense exercising. If you’re running or doing a variety of exercise, you can decrease the stress levels. Meditation can also come in handy.


Insulin plays a major role in our metabolism. This is an anabolic hormone, and it’s helping our body build up various complex molecules. If you have poor dietary habits, your body will over-release insulin. That’s when your body will start to develop insulin resistance, so cells will not be resistant to insulin anymore. In time, this can lead to type II diabetes. So, eating properly and exercising often can help a lot here.


Estrogen is mostly a female hormone, but men also have lower amounts of estrogen too. That being said, improper estrogen levels can lead to brain health issues and muscle recovery problems. It also impacts the way your body stores fat. Again, exercising and eating properly can help you keep any estrogen-related problems away.


Growth hormone

The growth hormone usually tends to collaborate with other hormones like testosterone. Its focus is on increasing the muscle mass, but it also helps you lose weight too. You can increase the growth hormone levels with help from injections. But since this may not be the safest option for most of us, what we can do here is to opt for a healthier lifestyle, better sleeping and improved nutritional habits as well.


This is maybe one of the most important hormones for men. As you can imagine, females also have testosterone, albeit in smaller amounts. Testosterone helps increase your brain function, strength and muscle mass. Low levels of testosterone can lead to a lower sex drive, an increased level of fat storage and sometimes it can even lead to increased cardiovascular disease levels. You can increase testosterone levels by working out, sleeping properly and eating healthier food.

You have to remember that most hormones can have a positive/negative impact on your life. It all comes down to your lifestyle, diet and other relevant factors. Try to have a healthier life, sleep properly and remember to avoid stressful situations as much as you can. The results can be more than impressive in the end, and you will get to keep the hormone levels under control!





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