Pure Krill Oil EPA + DHA, 30 Softgels

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HIGH CONCENTRATION OF OMEGA-3: By using pure krill, we bring you a pure dose of omega-3 fatty acids along with EPA, DHA, Phospholipids, and Astaxanthin to help sharpen your mind, support heart health, promote a positive mood and more without leaving behind any fishy after taste.

SUPPORTS HEART & JOINT HEALTH: Krill oil supplements are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to make their knees, hips, and shoulders feel the way they used to. It acts as a joint supplement that promotes healthier and stronger joints while supporting heart health.

SHARPEN & ENHANCE MEMORY: Our krill oil capsules are packed with omega-3 along with EPA and DHA that work together to improve and maintain brain health and also helps to sharpen your memory, improve concentration and make it easier to focus.

PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS: Unlike fish oil, our krill oil supplement also includes Astaxanthin which acts as an antioxidant that free radicals in the body to protect it from the inside while helping reduce the visibility of signs of aging and promoting softer skin.

PURE KRILL OIL: We’re dedicated to purity which is why our krill and omega 3 supplements are formulated without using any parabens, fillers, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients to make sure these are safe and easy to digest.

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  • Does your Pure Krill Oil formula have any artificial ingredients?


    No. Earth's Wisdom Pure Krill Oil formula is 100% natural and non-GMO.

  • What sets your Pure Krill Oil formula apart from the competition?


    Simply put, the quality of ingredients (which are non-GMO) and lack of unwanted substances, such as antibiotics, gluten, sugar, wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, corn, hormones, binders, colors, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

  • What is Earth's Wisdom Pure Krill Oil derived from?


    Our Pure Krill Oil formula is derived from Crustaceans caught in the Antarctic Ocean.

  • How soon will I feel difference using Earth's Wisdom Pure Krill Oil?


    While on average our customers begin to experience positive changes within weeks of taking Pure Krill Oil formula, some might take a bit longer due to various physiological factors. As a general rule, when taking dietary supplements consistency is the key in achieving desired effect.