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Our Top 10 Meditation/Relaxation Playlist

Our Top 10 Meditation/Relaxation Playlist

October 26, 2016

As busy individuals, we are subjected to numerous stressful events on a daily basis. If not dealt with properly, these stressful events could have a very harmful effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing. When our bodies experience sudden stress or threat, we react with a “fight or flight” response. An increase in adrenaline leads to an increase in pulse rate, breathing, blood pressure, and blood flow to the muscles. Even when we experience non-life threatening situations, our body triggers such response regardless. While such responses are considered false alarms, they have an enormous impact on our body, which can lead to stress-related disorders, such as high blood pressure, migraine headaches, insomnia, heart disease, immune system and sexual dysfunction disorders. Feeling helpless? Do not worry! There Is a way you can help your body! One of the best techniques in dealing with accumulated stress is meditation.

Meditation goes back to ancient religious and spiritual traditions. It begun in Asia thousands of years ago, with the teachings of Buddha, who himself practiced meditation. The purpose of meditation is to learn to focus our attention while eliminating our thoughts. Used as a mind-body medicine, together with proper breathing techniques, meditation is used to help reduce pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, improves concentration and overall wellness.

We at Earth's Wisdom treat meditation as a valuable part of our well-being. We want you to understand the importance of finding inner peace through meditation. Learning to be in control of your emotions can have a drastic positive impact on your life. With that being said, we have generated a wonderful playlist that will help you in your journey of achieving your wellness goals. Only 10 minutes of proper meditating a day is enough to see the difference in your well-being. We wish you much success in providing your body with everything it needs for proper health and functioning.

Top 10 Meditation/Relaxation Playlist

Oliver Shanti – Queen of Blossoms

Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche

Carlos Nakai: Earth Spirit

Yiruma – Moonlight

Sri Chinmoy - The Green of the Forest

Glass Animals – Hazey

Oxygene - The Ocean

Schiller & Moya Brennan – Falling

Schiller - Nachtflug - Night Flight

Banks - Meditation Song

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