Hypnotherapy – How does it Help in Weight Loss?

Hypnotherapy – How does it Help in Weight Loss?

August 22, 2018

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If you are planning to try hypnosis to reduce the extra pounds on your body, but are still skeptical about whether it would be really effective or not, you should be clear about how hypnosis works in weight loss or any other problem. Earth’s Wisdom today wants to explore this topic for our readers.

Hypnosis in weight loss is actually based on a principle that it has the power to take the person into a state of deep relaxation where the mind becomes more open to suggestions to change certain habits e.g. to overeat, eat unhealthy, not to exercise etc. But this may not work for all people.

Studies have shown that certain people respond more to the hypnosis and its suggestions, and therefore are more likely to get its benefits. For example, those who are used to obey orders or easily believe in whatever they hear or read can easily go in hypnosis.

It has also been found by studies that responsiveness to hypnosis increases after 40 and also, women, irrespective of age, tend to be more responsive.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis is supposed to be safe if administered under the supervision of a trained and expert therapist. It cannot be used for mind control or brainwashing. A therapist is not able to make a person do something against his will or something embarrassing.

Adverse reactions of hypnosis are rare. The risks if there are any include:

  • Anxiety
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • False memory creation
  • Distress
  • Dizziness

People already experiencing delusions or hallucinations must discuss with their doctor before undergoing hypnotherapy. It should also be noted that hypnosis is not to be performed on a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

More Tips on Weight Loss

If you are undergoing hypnosis for weight loss, you can also do some more things to achieve your goal.

Note Down What You Eat

Create a diary in which you can note down what and how much you eat, and whether you are eating it out of hunger or not. This will help you recognize your eating habits, such as eating out of depression or boredom, and you can change them.


Engage either into 75 minutes of vigorous exercises such as hiking hills, running or swimming or 150 minutes of moderate exercise such as walking, gardening or water aerobics, every week.

Drink Adequate Water

Keep in mind to take in 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. When you are hydrated, you tend to eat less.

Eat Healthy

Remember to eat five servings of vegetables and fruits every day. You have to start taking in more fiber, from 25 to 30 gm. every day and they will curb your hunger.

Never Skip Meals

Skipping meals doesn’t reduce your weight; instead it makes your body to store more fat. So, never skip meals. Eating all through the day with intervals of a couple hours in between helps making your metabolism strong.

If doing this is difficult for you and you are facing lack of will power, you can take help of hypnotherapy for weight loss. The therapist would take you into deep relaxation and give your mind suggestions regarding willingness to eat healthy and ability to avoid unhealthy foods and love exercise. When you would come out of hypnosis, you may find that you can control your craving more efficiently, you don’t feel weak while resisting fatty and sugary foods, you don’t hate exercise, and you’ll be surprised to see the difference in your mentality. All in all, you will have a strong mind to carry on your weight loss program and in this way, hypnosis will help you in weight loss.

However, you’ll have to remember to trust your therapist and believe in the therapy. The stronger you will make up your mind, the more helpful will the hypnotherapy be to achieve your weight loss goal.


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