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Alpha Grip - Start Enjoying Your Life Again With Full Vigor

April 13, 2017

Hello friends, today Earth’s Wisdom is excited to introduce you a new amazing product named Alpha Grip which can do wonders to bring the lost joy back in your life. Are you sexually unhappy? Are you suffering from disorders like erectile dysfunction or lost libido? Is your partner unhappy because of your reduced interest? Has the entire situation made life miserable for you? Don’t worry! Alpha Grip has wonderful ingredients that can bring incredible benefits to your health, thereby increasing your strength and interest in life. They will make you energetic and youthful, eventually making your partner happier than ever. Let Earth’s Wisdom tell you more about Alpha Grip.

Ingredients of Alpha Grip

Alpha Grip contains the following ingredients, each of which has great health benefits.

  • Zinc oxide
  • Tongkat Ali root
  • Maca root
  • L-Arginine
  • Panax Ginseng root
  • Eleutherococcus Senticosus Root

Now we’ll discuss the benefits of each of these ingredients.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc is a very important mineral needed by our body. When our body is deficient in zinc, it shows symptoms like low blood pressure, retardation of bone growth and overall growth, depression, rough and pale skin, diarrhea, fatigue and many more. Obviously you can see that a male with zinc deficiency can never lead a healthy life and have no energy for enjoyable sex. Zinc deficiency is caused when you eat less or no meat, oysters, oats, turnip, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pecan nuts, ginger, whole wheat, peas and more.

When eaten in the right quantity, zinc is helpful in spermatogenesis and also responsible for the development of sex organs, in males.

 In females, zinc is involved in all the reproductive phases, including childbirth and lactation.

Alpha Grip provides 50mg of Zinc Oxide to ensure a healthy sex life for both male and female.

Tongkat Ali Root

Tongkat Ali is a herb native to Malaysian rainforests and though it has many other health benefits, its main benefit is to enhance libido and promote healthy hormone levels in males. Tongkat ali is extremely effective in age-related sexual disorders and symptoms of andropause, a condition in which testosterone levels drop in males due to aging. Tonkat ali root has been repeatedly proven to stimulate libido, enhance semen quality and also assist in muscle growth. All these effects greatly contribute to increase the levels of testosterone.

Tongkat ali is known to improve sperm quality by improving their concentration, volume and motility, thus the herb greatly impacts male fertility.

Though testosterone replacement therapy is available in conditions like andropause, it can cause serious side effects and is quite expensive. Tongkat ali root being a natural ingredient is gentle on health and offers incredible health benefits.

Alpha Grip contains 500mg of Tongkat ali root powder ensuring increased level of testosterone and improved sperm quality.

Maca Root

Maca is a herb native to Peru and is also called Peruvian ginseng. Apart from its other health benefits, maca root is known to offer sexual health advantages. It boosts libido and improves endurance. It also increases fertility by balancing hormone levels.

Maca is also proven beneficial for women’s reproductive health issues by eliminating menstrual problems and mitigating side effects of menopause. It has also been used to relieve menstrual cramps, mood swings, depression, body pain and hot flashes.

Alpha Grip provides 250mg of maca root powder ensuring optimum health for both men and women.


L-arginine is an essential amino acid and one of the important building blocks of proteins of the body. It originally came up as cardiac health enhancer, because of its ability to dilate blood vessels. L-arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) and releases NO and thereby dilates blood vessels, because of which blood supply increases to the concerned organ. In erectile dysfunction, lack of proper blood supply due to constricted blood vessels in the genital organs is the major cause of incomplete or no erection. L-arginine, by releasing NO, ensures increased blood supply and thus helping penis to enlarge to its optimum capacity and achieving the desired hardness and frequency of erections.

The same benefit is provided in women too by improving blood supply to clitoral and vaginal tissues making them responsive to sexual stimulation and increasing libido.

Alpha Grip provides 500 mg of L-arginine making sure that you get appropriate amount of the amino acid for enhanced sexual enjoyment.

Panax Ginseng Root

Panax ginseng is a herb native to Korea and China, and is much more potent than the American ginseng. It has numerous health benefits, the most prominent among which is boosting fertility and sexual function in men. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), Korean panax ginseng can boost testosterone levels and eliminate erectile dysfunction, enabling harder, longer-lasting erections.

Panax ginseng also benefits women’s sexual health by strengthening uterus, improving blood flow to ovaries and enhancing chances of fertilization.

67.5mg of Panax ginseng is available in Alpha Grip in a root extract form guaranteeing maximum health for both men and women.

Eleutherococcus Senticosus Root

Eleutherococcus Senticosus or Siberian ginseng is another variety of ginseng that has been proven helpful in numerous health disorders including reduced libido in men. In men, this herb stimulates the production of testosterone. It also increases sex driving and fights impotence. It contains potent phytochemicals like coumarins, sterols, polysaccharides and flavonoids. All of these are great healers and their combination greatly increases oxygen availability at cellular level, thereby increased blood flow. Naturally, it is helpful in enhancing blood flow to the genital organs and thus overcomes impotence.

Alpha Grip provides 67.5mg of Eleutherococcus Senticosus in the form of root powder thus ensuring the right dosage for optimum health benefits.

Alpha Grip provides many other beneficial ingredients like Sarsaparilla root powder, pumpkin seed powder, Muira Puama bark, Oat straw extract, Stinging Nettle leaf, Caynne Pepper and many others, a great combination for male health. It’s available in capsule form and you have to take 2 capsules per serving. The amounts of ingredients given above are per serving.

So, don’t miss the benefits of this magical formula to start enjoying your life again with full vigor!



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