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Six (6) Superb Ways to Fight Stress and Live Happily

April 12, 2018

If you are continuously worried, stop for a while and think. It may be stress that is worrying you. What is the cause? Is there any way out? If these questions arise in your mind, EARTH’S WISDOM has some tips that will definitely take you out of your stress and worry.

1. Meditate

Research has found that a daily habit of meditation may modify the neural pathways in the brain making you more resistant to stress. You will need great patience to achieve the peace of mind, but the results will be equally great. It’s not even difficult, physically, though mentally it may seem hard, at first. Find a quiet time and a quiet corner in your home, office or any place like a garden or beach, and sit down straight, with your hands on lap, eyes closed and whole body relaxed. Now, utter a short sentence or a word that you like within your mind or envision some object which should be single and preferably glowing, like the sun, flame of a candle etc. or focus on your breath. Now try to forget all other thoughts except the word or the object or your breath. You will find this difficult in the beginning and so, you need patience. Keep trying without getting frustrated and the results will be amazing.

2. Deep Breathing

If you are stressed up, take a break and focus on your breath. First exhale through mouth to the extent that all the air in your lungs should be out; then take a deep breath through nose and feel it touching the bottom of your lungs or upper point of your stomach. Repeat for at least 5 minutes. You can do this anytime, not only when you are stressed.

3. Dance! 

You may be surprised to read this, but dance actually can relieve your stress. When you are stressed, all your organs are unnaturally shrunk, making you feel tired, uncomfortable and depressed. When you dance, all your organs are freed from the restraint and you feel relaxed. But remember that you should dance as vigorously as possible and all your organs should make forceful movements like forward, backward and sideward bending, kicking out, spreading hands (even you can do swimming movements), jumping and more. However, be careful about not doing any unnatural movements that might hurt you. 

4. Yoga

Those who cannot dance vigorously due to age or some illness, and even those who are young and healthy otherwise, can choose to do yoga. This is a perfect exercise which anyone can do without any equipment and with not much of strength level. But stress relief achieved through yoga is surprising. In addition, your movements will be improved, your body will become more flexible and you will feel less exhausted, say after walking or running for a distance, climbing up stairs etc. All this, will make you more confident and less worried, adding to the stress relief.

5. Become Active

Sitting idle with all worrying thoughts can make you extremely stressed. Make it a point to keep yourself active always. If you don’t like the idea of dancing, exercise in the morning. You can do yoga as mentioned above or can just take a long walk. Do household chores that involve a lot of movements. Gardening is also a wonderful stress-relieving chore. Being in the company of nature and greenery automatically will relieve your stress. 

6. Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Sugary and oily foods have been proven by studies to make you stressed. Keep yourself full with a lot of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and healthy proteins like beans, peas, eggs, lean meat, dairy and again fish and nuts, so that you won’t feel craved for unhealthy foods.

Finally, consider changing your thinking – leave the past behind, don’t repent over what happened and stop worrying about the future, you can’t change it just by thinking on it. Live just in your present and keep yourself active and that will increase your power of fighting stress and living happily.


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